Personal Thoughts,Ideas, My Writing Notebook

I am an eclectic in everything I do. Be it reading books, music, furniture styles, colors, clothes, friends, music, etc!!! OK, so family can’t do much about, but I will tell you this; all my family are bits and pieces of me. OMG, what does that make them?  LMAO I LOVE THEM ALL ALWAYS!!!!

Just starting

Much Better!

Yes I love coloring artwork for relaxation. Will post more as I go along. Anyone interested they sell for $2.00 each.

Now onward and upward I hope! I have been making up stories for years and writing also. Yes, I even went so far as sending works to publishers, you know the ones with big names we all know? Yeah out of 12 I received 2 replies. “We are not looking for new material or we are not interested at this time”. You know what I’m talking about. REJECTION CITY!!!!!!! So I quit writing, put pencils, paper and all my copies in a bos in storage.

Now years latter, my kids are grown with families of their own or starting their own lives. I am divorced living on my own with time on my hands. I read, no seriously, I read all the time, constantly.  All different genres and I love it. Me is (LOL) a beta reader for many authors, on many street teams, even a polisher for a great author!!

So now I am thinking that if this many authors are doing this, then damnit why can’t I?? So I started asking questions, straight up forward questions that might, just Might get me motivated to try again.

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