Thursday the last one in January 2017


I have my second book written for my Squirrel Tales Series! Yesss, Abby’s Flower Garden is done. Now it’s in proof reading stage then hopefully last edit and then into book covers and publishing. Keeping fingers crossed for next month release!!!

This I one is a few chapters longer but it has a lot more detail. Anyway it’s freezing here still. Well we did warm up into the 30s for a few days, now it’s back to 20s  and below zero is coming. Ugh!!

Even Ebony, my dog, doesn’t stay out as long on walks, thankfully!!!

Okay well I hope your warm and keeping active. If you get the chance check out the first book in the series, “THE SECRET ACORNS” on Amazon for $2.99 or in Kindle Unlimited for free. Please leave a review, they are so important!!!


Until next time,


New Book In Works

Hey Everybody,

I have started the second book for the Squirrel Tales Series. It’s called, “ABBY’S FLOWER GARDEN”.  I hope you will take the time to check out her story on her page right here on my Penscratch.

Leave a review or whatever about it once you have read it. Remember it is just in the first draft, so forgive grammar and mistakes.  LOL

I am so enjoying this series.  My first book, THE SECRET ACORN, is out and live on Amazon for $2.99 or Kindle Unlimited.  I would appreciate any looks, pickups or purchases. Leave a review good or bad.  Preferably GOOD!!

Sorry it’s been awhile since I have been on here, but have been busy writing and trying to do admin work.  Thank you for sticking with me.  Hugs to all. Hope you enjoy the story!1



Kathy/KATT KAY, Author