Okay,so you have things to do on your list. Have things lined up on importance. That’s taken time to sort out and your ready to go, feeling good, asked for backup help so that things will hopefully run smooth as much as possible.

You go to bed that early morning satisfied that you have things as good as they are going to get. Then you wake up with a raging headache, head filled with 50 pounds of heavy cotton, your nose is clogged, your throat is scratchy, and your chest is tight. Then you cough, ugh! Then it’s sneeze time, Run for tissues but are in a sort of foggy slow motion. Yep, your sick! Fine one day and feeling like death the next . Your dog wants to go for its morning walk,you need the restroom, something to drink, Tylenol, the dog is running around saying, hurry up let’s get going!

Okay, first things first, sorry dog you have to wait a little longer or use the potty pad. You, on the other hand search for Kleenex, then the bathroom,um Kleenex bathroom, you would think, but the foggy head is fogged! So you finally reach across the bed and get some Kleenex, you know you brought a bottle of water with you to bed, so you search that out and take a drink, thank God your mouth isn’t a desert anymore. You look around trying to get your bearings. My God it’s your bedroom!! Wherevelse would you be?

Then that water you drank hits and it’s bathroom time! Now getting there, even knowing it’s just around the other aide of doorway. You struggle to stand, wobble wobble but don’t fall down, another thank God! Make it to the bathroom, and sort of collapse onto commode. So your business, by this time your sweating because, yippee the fever has hit along with ears stopped up and aching along with everything else.

You grab your bottle of water, luckily you brought with you, grab the large bottle of Tylenol, shake out a couple, grab the muzinex cold/sinus meds, shake out two and swallow them down, then just stand there looking at yourself in the mirror and hope it doesn’t crack at what you see! YIKES!!!

YEP,alrighty, your sick, can’t think, hardly see, so any plans you had for however long are put on hold and God is in control! All your plans just went down the old drain. You want to take your head off, hang it outside on your shepherds hook pole to drain and dry out and put the reszt of you down on bed, cover up, and just sleep.

Sorry babe, that wonderful, happy, fun, dependent dog is still walking back and forth between the door and you wanting a potty walk! Ugh, heaven help!!To make a long story short, your life is going to be hell for the next week and that’s the gist of it. No writing, no working, absolutely nothing but sitting or laying around, EXCEPT FOR DOG WALKS EVERY 3 TO 4 HOURS!!





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